Thursday, February 2, 2012


I am so ridiculously excited about this!

The lovely Sarah at Amongst Lovely Things, offered a giveaway last week for an online photography class.  I entered... and I WON!

If you just scroll through this little blog of mine, you'll SEE how desperately I need this class.  Let's just be real, my pictures are hideous.

(Hey - that get's me thinking... maybe this was a set up.  Maybe I was offending the blogging community as a whole with my awful pictures, and they got together to find a gentle way of making me take better ones.  Hmmm... either way, I'm happy!)

For anyone who remembers that I don't have a proper camera, that's another bonus to this whole thing!  I've already cleared it with Mr. Smith this morning, we're getting a new one.  It's long overdue.  Now, to figure out which one it will be!

Can't wait to hear from Brandy at Bella Pop to set up my class!  Thank you Sarah!


  1. Hi Melanie,

    I could not find an email to contact you, so I will introduce myself in the comments.

    My name is Jenny and I have been blogging at for a couple of years. God has recently led me to start to communal website for Catholic Women called Suscipio which is Latin for: to raise up, support or maintain. The website address is

    I was led to start an encouraging place for Catholic women, not to catch up on the latest Catholic news, although important; no, I wanted this be like an old fashioned coffee clutch, or a sit on the front porch swing visiting as the mood stuck or just enjoying the presence of each other. Here we will read the Scriptures together and discuss books that encourage us in our vocation as a Catholic woman. I would love for you to stop by.

    I would also like for you to prayerfully consider contributing a guest post to Suscipio. A post showing the goodness of God in the day to day life of a Catholic women.

  2. Happy camera shopping!

    And you're right. (sigh). How did you ever figure us out? We thought we were being soooo sneaky! It was a plot, the whole lot of it. :)

    Enjoy the class. (and yay for you getting off facebook. i've never gotten on but I swear I have to sing myself the D.A.R.E. "just say no" song to keep rallying my conviction to NOT get on there. ha!)