Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Which is LESS Reasonable?

Spring cleaning has brought to my attention the fact that we have far too many shoes as a family.

Everyday life has brought to my attention the fact that our baby is obnoxiously cute.

Both situations defy reason.

Both leave me wondering how it is that we arrived at this point.

To remedy this:
There's a large garbage bag and a box labeled 'donations'.

What on earth can be done about this?:
Lord, help us.
(and p.s.--thank you)

Friday, April 24, 2009

And then it was Easter

I so wanted to get a picture of our whole family, as we never seem to do that anymore.
So these are it, the only two shots we got. Can you read the disappointment in my voice?I'd just like to take a minute to point out a few things, observations, if you will:
1.) Could Mr. Smith and I not just be copied and pasted from one to the next? Apparently we both felt those were acceptable expressions and postures.
2.) Why wasn't I more concerned with smiling?
3.) Isaac is much cuter awake than asleep.
4.) I really need to practice a photo face with Owen.
5.) Blake is, by far, our most obedient child.
6.) It doesn't matter the circumstances, Oliver is ALWAYS cute.
Last, but not least, the whole reason I even dared to post these pictures, because it makes me laugh every time I look....let's concentrate on Peyton. I distinctly remember Mr. Smith scolding him after the first shot. I couldn't see what he was doing at the time, but now it's clear that he was showing his excitement over finally remembering to bring his holy water bottle to fill from the font. I think he took it hard when he was told to stand still.
So it was not a successful photo shoot, but it was Easter Sunday just the same. The much longed-for Alleluia was as beautiful as ever. The Lord is risen. The desert of Lent has given way to the glory of the Easter season, and we will celebrate all 50 days of it.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

If I had been posting...

...surely it would have been about our Last Supper dinner at Grandma's:

and our Holy Thursday art project:Or our Hot Cross Buns on Good Friday morning:and probably about how Isaac figured out how to empty a cupboard in 3 minutes flat: But alas, rotten apples it was.

I don't get it.

If someone were going to abandon their blog, why would they do so on the rotten apple post?
Kind of leaves a sour taste in the mouth...

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Last night Mr. Smith said, "I'm going to the store to get some food for tomorrow."
Maybe it was because I didn't want him to leave. Maybe it was because my pride wished I had gotten groceries so there would be food in the house for my hard-working husband. Whatever the reason, I said, "Oh Honey, there's enough here to get you through the day! We have bologna for a could put these frozen berries in your oatmeal...there's can...we..."...nothing. "Wait! Here's an apple!"

To which he replied, "Is that even still good?"

To which I replied, "Sure! It looks fine."

He looked at me doubtfully, and headed for the store.

Today, I thought of Mr. Smith, with all his fresh fruits and veggies at work, when I grabbed the apple to slice it up for the kids with lunch.

This is what I saw:
Well I couldn't tell that from the outside.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Summer Resolutions

1. Soak up the Vitamin D
2. Wear more skirts
3. Cause a groove in the sidewalk of stroller wheel tracks between here and the park.
Most importantly: Spend lots of time with Mr. Smith.