Thursday, November 3, 2016

Beginning Again

       So. It's been a while. Rather than trying to explain, summarize, catch up... I'm just going to jump right in and hope for the best. Because blogging again is calling to me, and I'm finally going to answer. So much to say. For instance, this happened:

Elanor Therese joined our family on October 3rd, 2016
The nurse laughed when she saw this weight, and insisted we were calling her 8 pounds even. 

 I had her at the same birthing center that I had Henry at, and it was an even better experience this time. Maybe I'll write out a birth story for the first time ever. It's a good one.

She was born just after midnight, and Ryan brought the kids up to meet her by midday. They were pretty enamored with her, and so excited that she was a girl. She was just what we'd been hoping for.

This is Elanor at six days old, all dolled up for Owen's Confirmation.
I'll leave it at this for now, but hope to be back soon!