Saturday, April 23, 2011

Divine Mercy Craft

 Lacy, over at Catholic Icing, has this simple little Divine Mercy craft available to print for free.
 I was planning on having my kids do it anyway, but I started thinking about how I could use this little guy (who's glued onto a toilet paper roll) to help us in saying the Divine Mercy Novena (which began yesterday, on Good Friday).

We had also made Lacy's Last Supper craft on Thursday, which she designed to use egg cartons as the base.  Since we were done with that craft... -- Okay, here's where I admit something... I don't save things.  I am not sentimental.  I know it isn't realistic to keep every little piece of shaped clay and glitter-glued paper craft/project/artwork that all of my children create from now until the end of I keep almost nothing.  We do it, we enjoy it for what it is, we take pictures, and then we pitch it.  I'm sorry if that is appalling to anyone, it's just me, and I'm not likely to change soon. -- Anyhow, we were done with the Last Supper craft (it was a teaching tool, a craft we all worked on together, and our centerpiece at dinner), so I dismantled it and used a portion of the egg cartons to get nine cups in a row. 
 Still using it upside down, I used a knife to cut a slit in the top of each cup and inserted a craft stick into each one.
 Since the Divine Mercy Jesus is on a roll, he can sit right over the craft stick and rest on the egg cup.
Then I cut a piece of card stock in half and folded both halves and taped them together.  I wrote out the days of the Novena across the front of the card stock, in front of the corresponding sticks.  As we say each day's Novena prayers, we can move Jesus right along with us, all the way to Divine Mercy Sunday.  A great way to keep track of the days on our Novena!
 Thanks, Lacy!


  1. Oh. My. Goodness! I LOVE your novena counter! What a great idea! Thanks for sharing pictures! :-)

  2. These crafts are so great, aren't they??!! I love them! We're doing our Divine Mercy ones tomorrow :)

  3. This is a great idea! I love the idea of reusing things too...just can't save everything!