Monday, April 25, 2011

Holy Thursday - 2011

Despite lots of sick children, and not being able to go to Mass, we had a really nice Holy Thursday dinner.
I combined some of the things I've done in the past with some of the symbolic foods that Jessica does, and it made for a very enjoyable meal.

See all of my little sickie-faces?
 We had:
  • a loaf of bread with dipping oil
  • a small bunch of grapes for every plate
  • sparkling "wine"
  • a rotisserie chicken (for the cock that crowed after Peter's denials)
  • pitas (unleavened bread)
  • baby spinach (to represent the bitter herbs of a traditional Seder)
  • small, round crackers (Judas' 30 pieces of silver)
  • strawberries (Judas' kiss)
  • white tic tacs (Peter's tears)
  • fig newtons (Gethsemane figs)
We made sandwiches by stuffing the pita halves with chicken and spinach and drizzling the flavored dipping oil over them.  Really yummy!  It was a very simple meal to prepare, and appropriate for our family, as these are all foods we enjoy.

(That's Lacy's Last Supper craft in the center.)
Mr. Smith read the appropriate passages from the bible before we ate, and we had quite a nice conversation about the significance of Holy Thursday during the meal.
Overall, it was a sweet and peaceful night.

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