Thursday, February 20, 2014

Five, Ten, Fifteen

Five random catch-up things:

1.  Sebastian is doing really well.  We like his doctor (which is good, since we're going to be seeing him quite often for many years), he's taken to the medicine beautifully with no side effects so far, and his symptoms have subsided.  We go in for a check-up next week.

2.  Peyton turned 10!  And Owen turned 12!  I intended to blog both occasions, but you know, there's was RSV to contend with...

3.  We got RSV.  Genevieve and I were the last to get it (it was just a cold in the older kids), and she ended up in urgent care with a double ear infection and her very own nebulizer for breathing treatments.  It landed me in the ER with a bleeding ear, from an infection that came on so fast and so ugly that it ruptured the eardrum, leaving me completely deaf in that ear for weeks.  It was crazy intense and super awful, but it's done.  I'm at about 90% now (hearing-wise), and so grateful to be able to turn the page on this chapter of Illnesses We Endure in the Small House with Many Children.

4.  Oliver made his First Reconciliation, and is preparing for his First Holy Communion, coming up on May 4th.  I can hardly believe that we have four children who are able to fully participate in the Sacraments.  God is so good.

5.  I just looked back, and the last time I posted a picture of Genevieve was the 4th of July!  She wasn't even a year old!  Now she's a feisty (but sweet!) 18-month-old, who does things like this:
That's a chair she shouldn't be standing on, and an iPod Shuffle she shouldn't be pressing buttons on.  But isn't she cute in her denim dress and tights?  I know.  Maybe I'll even scrape up another photo so you can see her face...

Ten weeks:

As in, this kind of weeks -
That's right, God has blessed us again!  We are all very excited.  I am in the depths of all day nausea and exhaustion though, which is a sacrifice for all (don't ask my men about the quality of my dinners lately!  or whether they have clean socks!  it's not pretty!), but that won't last too much longer, and it is such a small price to pay!

Fifteen years:

That's how long it's been since the Mr. and I promised forever to each other and God.  It's hard to believe, 15 years ago today, we were just kids!  And yet, by the mercy of the Good Lord, we have grown in faith and love, and He has blessed us.