Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Yesterday was a Good Day

It was busy.  We had our homeschool co-op in the morning, came home for lunch and an hour's rest, and then we were off again.

I'm going a different route with this baby.  I've always delivered at the local mega-hospital, but the last few experiences have left a lot to be desired.  Actually, it's more than that, but it's another story for another day.  We have an alternative birthing center near our home that I've always heard really great things about.  We've never gone there because of insurance/doctors/locations.  There's a group of midwives who deliver at the center, but their practice is 30+ minutes from my house, and I've never felt like I could make that commitment for prenatal visits.  This time we decided to go for it.

So I had an appointment yesterday in the late afternoon, with one of the midwives.  Ryan came home early (after only 8 hours at work instead of 10!), we loaded up the kids and headed out.  They dropped me off at the office and then headed to a park.  The weather was beautiful, a rare day over 60, and it's a good thing because I waited an hour before even going back to a room.  I can't believe I'm saying this, but it was worth the wait.  I'm really getting excited over the prospect of a different birth experience, and that's saying a lot after 5 years of birth-related anxieties.  One very notable relief:  They will not force induction on me at 41 weeks.  They routinely let women go to 42 weeks if there are no signs of distress for the babe, and that should be all I need to let this little peanut come on his/her own.  My talk with the midwife yesterday was very refreshing, and I have renewed hope and confidence.  And speaking of the babe!  We heard a strong heartbeat and all those wonderful swishy movements.  Seventeen weeks tomorrow.  God is good.

So the guys came back for me, and everyone was starving.  That was fine, we had a plan!  We were 15 minutes away from Ikea, and apparently kids 12 and under eat for free on Tuesdays!  We made our way over there, and I (somewhat sheepishly) ordered SIX chicken tender/french fry combos and they were FREE.  Our cost for the adult meals was $17, and we all ate happily.  We can't even do fast food for under $40 (which is why we nearly never eat out), so this was quite a treat.

We shopped the store, picking up four of those dandy little wooden spice racks that everyone on pinterest uses for kids bookshelves, and headed home.  But not before Blake bought himself a cinnamon roll with extra icing on the way out the door.  He gave up coffee, tea, candy, and electronics for Lent, not so much cinnamon rolls. :)

I know these days are numbered.  That someday, probably sooner than I want, the kids will start to scatter and it will become a rarity for all of us to be together.  I hope I can savor these days and continue to appreciate even a simple outing for errands.