Tuesday, January 31, 2012


..."prayer was irreplaceable for her.  Besides Gianna was very attentive and did not do things by halves.  She committed herself to her duties completely.  She had also been formed by loving sacrifice and demonstrated that she knew how to sacrifice herself for love.  Gianna was a woman of few words who avoided gossip and silliness on principle.  This is a family virtue -- her brothers and sisters don't like to talk a lot.  However, when there was something to do, a service to perform, a hand to lend, then Gianna was always ready, available."
--From Saint Gianna Molla (emphasis in bold is mine)

How I long to be this sort of woman.  
For my family, for my soul.
Would it be an oversimplification for me to suggest that this one virtue would change the world?  
How lost we are, as daughters, mothers, friends, and sisters, when we can't recognize the value of disciplined, respectful quiet.

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  1. Our Lady herself said that more more harm and sin has been caused by the tounge than anything else.