Friday, January 27, 2012

(my first!) 7 Quick Takes Friday



I've been wanting to give 7 Quick Takes a try for a while now.  Here goes!


I told my husband recently that I'm going to call his grandma and ask her to teach me how to cook.  It's not what you're thinking.  His grandma always worked while they were raising their 9 children, and I think because of the  lack of time this created, she's famous for serving convenience foods.  Mr. Smith spent a lot of time over there growing up, and he remembers $1 frozen pizzas and salisbury steak t.v. dinners quite well.  I've set a different standard for my family and, for better or worse, now they expect it.  My exhaustedly-pregnant self told him that one of these nights I'm going to throw some tater tots on a pan, boil a package of hot dogs, and call it dinner.  He looked pretty appalled.


I bought some new clothes.  This is a pretty rare occurrence around here, but I was starting to feel uncomfortable in my regular clothes.  I wasn't quite ready to break out the maternity yet, so I was trying to bridge the gap with a couple of shirts from the "regular" department that are cut a bit more generously.  I found a blouse I liked that was not like anything I have already, but I thought I could pull it off.  It's more of a trendy style, with multi-colored stripes.  I took the plunge and brought it home.  I got dressed for Mass on Sunday and put it on for the first time.  Blake (you know, 12 year old boy, wears the same jeans with a rotation of 3 t-shirts continuously, has never once noticed clothing of any kind, much less given an opinion on it) walks into the kitchen, takes one look at me, and says, "WHAT are you WEARING?!".  
Are you kidding me?  Really helpful for the self-confidence.


I was able to hear this little peanut's heartbeat at a regular OB appointment this week.  It took the doc a minute to find it, but there it was!  So exciting.  I'm not repulsed by most foods anymore, and my energy is coming back slowly but surely.  Second trimester, here I come!


Do you realize that January is almost over already?!  WHERE does the time go?  I can practically smell Spring.  Practically.



 Have y'all seen this?  Hilarious.  That's exactly what I look like when I remember.
I'd love to give credit for it, but I just copied it off of facebook, no idea whose it is originally.


Speaking of ...(sigh)... facebook, I absolutely hate it.  I really do.  The minute I start to think I like it and I might start using it more, I get offended/annoyed by ten things in a row on there and I want to delete my account immediately.  I actually just kind of ruined my good mood just going on there for that picture.  The first "story" by a family member seriously hurt my feelings!  I never would have known anything about it if it weren't for facebook, and I would have been better off.  I have lots more thoughts on this, for another day.  I think me and facebook are going to part ways soon.


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  1. I agree with you about Facebook. A few months back had an article entitled "Choosing Obscurity in a Facebook World" which was really good.