Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I was reading Amy's latest post last night and I got to thinking.  In my total condemnation of facebook, I forgot to mention one important thing:  There are some really great people on there.

Really, people like Amy are one of the main reasons I stayed on there as long as I did.  They use facebook as a tool for evangelizing, by talking about God and Faith, and linking to good reading material.  It takes courage and perseverance to maintain that.  There's another woman, from my parish, who tended to post on facebook in the evenings to recap her day.  Whether she had had a great day or a trying one, she ended her comments with, "God is good, ALL THE TIME!".  It was so refreshing!

So in my frustration, I was focusing on the people I needed to get away from, and in the process I threw everyone under the bus.  I apologize for that!

(but I'm still glad to be off fb!!)

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