Thursday, May 3, 2012

Holy Week - 2012

For the sake of consistency, I want to make sure I document what I have of our Holy Week this year... even though 3 weeks have already passed!

One of the boys had soccer practice on the evening of Holy Thursday, which was the final straw against going to Mass as a family.  Truthfully though, it's such a late Mass that it's always been difficult with the little ones.  Blake and Owen wanted to go though, so they walked down to the church by themselves.  We waited for everyone to be home again before having our special dinner, hence the darkness of these pictures.  The little guys barely made it through dinner and were whisked away to their beds.  We followed the same menu and scripture readings as last year.

Holy Thursday 2012

Good Friday 2012
I have only one set of images from Good Friday, which is not to distract from the main event of the day, which was attending the Living Stations of the Cross at our church.  Such a beautiful job our youth group does every year on this.  We all attended together and the babies were even well behaved.  By the end, Sebastian was sleeping peacefully on my lap and I felt like I could just sit in that church all day long and think on that Gift we've been given.

Now about these hot cross buns.  At the last minute, I was looking at my usual recipe and decided I didn't like it.  I did one internet search, and guess what was the first thing to come up.  Pioneer Woman's hot cross bun recipe.  I really don't mean to be so much on one bandwagon, but the woman is awesome!  They turned out delicious, and we have ourselves a new HCB recipe.  We ate them for lunch when we returned from Stations.

That may have been too many pictures.  I find myself considering what ingredients I have on hand for baking right now...

By Holy Saturday, we were on our way to my sister's house and all of our usual traditions were abandoned or adjusted for this unique year of celebrating my brother-in-law's conversion.
It was a lovely week, to be sure.

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