Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Quote of the Day

Me:  "Peyton, did you brush your teeth?"

Peyton:  (exasperated)  "Yes!"

Me:  "Did I already ask you that?"

Peyton:  "Three times!"

Me:  "I'm sorry honey, Mama's getting old and old people forget things."

Peyton:  "I know.  Like that one time you forgot to get up.  You were in bed until like 10:00!"

I still have no idea what he was talking about, I don't recall sleeping in until 10:00 since I was a teenager, but he's convinced.  I feel like maybe I should start forgetting to get up though, just once in a while, it's kind of appealing.

(I'm really not kidding about the teenager thing, now that I think about it.  Keep in mind, I was still a teenager when I was married with a baby!)

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