Sunday, June 19, 2011

And Another!

Yet another birthday celebrated in our family today.
Isaac is the big 3(He still pretty much acted 2 today though ;o).)
We took him to the zoo, had pizza for dinner, cake and presents.  It was a nice family day.
I kept forgetting that it was Father's Day as well!  I guess that shows where priority falls.  A 3rd birthday trumps a grown-up thing thing any day of the week.
Mr. Smith did get to sleep in a little bit, (The man gets up at 4:30am six days a week, 8:30 is like sleeping half the day away.) but that was the extent of the recognition for him.  He got his gift earlier in the weekend...which leads me to the Big Event we had this weekend... which leads me to how. darn. exhausted. I am right now, and I'll have to save it for another post...
Happy birthday, Isaac!

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