Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Dear Mr. Smith,

Your son, Isaac, is really something. By "something", I mean a pistol, a firecracker, stinker. A mischief-making, mess-making, headache-inducing child.

So far today, he has:

  • pulled half the items in the fridge out in an effort to reach the orange juice that he knew he wasn't supposed to have
  • drawn with blue hi-liter all over our bedsheets, bed skirt, and himself
  • drawn with yellow hi-liter all over the refrigerator and dining room walls
  • pulled the curtains off the french doors numerous times
  • squeezed a tube of ointment all over the dining room table
  • assaulted Oliver on multiple occasions
  • gone through the junk drawer looking for treasures three times
  • found, unwrapped, and attempted to eat old Easter candy in the basement
  • pulled said candy, as well as plastic eggs and other discarded items, out of the garbage where I put them

That's all I can think of right now, and it's not quite 4 pm yet, so I'll let you know the rest when you get home. Plus, he's way too quiet, better go check...

He's lucky God made him cute...

Clinging To My Sanity,
Mrs. Smith

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