Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Field Trip

Dear Mr. Smith,
Today we went to the zoo.
Don't worry, I know there are only four in this picture. The baby was strapped to me, and the, well, other baby, was in the stroller. I didn't lose anybody, promise. Although, you might think I had picked up a few extras when the docent in Amphibiville asked if we were a tour group. I smiled and said no. She reluctantly accepted that they were all mine... and then wanted to know if there was a "holiday from school". Once she seemed satisfied with my answer about being homeschooled and on a field trip, she quietly walked away.....then returned a few minutes later with a docent-friend and proceeded to point at us and whisper. Come to think of it, I probably should have asked them if there was a vacant habitat for us -- we could just hop in and let the rest of the world gawk and gasp... but I digress. Luckily by this time we met up with Mrs. K and the boys and we went on our merry way.

The zoo is decorated for the season. Some of the decorations are less than desirable. As in, so scary and demented that they have no business being where children can see them much less at a zoo. Others were fun though, like this giant pumpkin. Peyton and Oliver wanted me to make sure I got a picture of it "squishing" them.

Then came the polar bears. You know how we hardly ever get to see one swimming around the tunnel? Well this was a rare treat, he was standing right here when we got there, and then spent the next 20 minutes or so swimming back and forth for our entertainment. And then there was this:
I heard a little voice say, "Mommy, he's pooping!" Sure we never see that again. (Is that gross that I took a picture of it? I think I'm becoming de-sensitized, being around all these boys all the time.) Sorry you missed it, honey.
Overall, it was a great trip- beautiful weather and good company. Oh, and now I know what to get our godson for his birthday...
(wink, wink, Mrs. K.) Let's just say, he almost took one home with him.

So, Mr. Smith, that's our day in a nutshell. I think I will hit the hay a little early tonight, because it is positively exhausting taking your children to the zoo. Thanks for working so hard so we can play.
With Love and Yawns,
Mrs. Smith

P.S. I have in my possession a red Netflix envelope. You know what it contains. Can't wait til you get home.

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