Sunday, April 25, 2010

Good Shepherd Garden Party - Week Two

For week two we kept it pretty simple. The boys gathered some candles and statues to decorate the table, and we simplified some of the suggested menu items. bread

sparkling white grape juice
(everyone loved this! sorry for the terrible picture!)

honey and milk
(I think we need to tone down our flash a little)
I put out the milk and honey just to have the symbols present at the table, but my family ended up putting a bit of each onto their fruit salads and loving it. I served everything with a chicken breast salad as the main course. It went together nicely and was quite a lovely meal!
our poster after week two
We are really enjoying these parties, and it's true that for busy families once a week is much more manageable.
Owen is making his First Holy Communion today! So our week three celebration is being put off until mid-week, as we get ready for company to celebrate today.

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