Monday, April 26, 2010

Daybook: Post-First-Holy-Communion Edition

Outside my window... it's still on the chilly side, but sunny today. We had been praying for nice weather for the Communion party yesterday, banking on it actually, in order to allow for some overflow of people into the backyard. We invited more than our little house could comfortably hold and almost everyone came. It turned out to be dark, rainy, and chilly the entire day, no chance to be outside. I fretted plenty, but it turned out just fine.
Also, we just spotted a nest in the tree right outside our dining/school room windows. It's too high to see inside. We'll have to watch and see what bird visits it, looks like a robin's nest to me.

I am listening to... my body, it's telling me to slooooowww doooowwwnn. We've been so darn busy lately, and I really pushed myself the last week with Communion preparation, Catechism lessons (I teach Kindergarten and we only have 2 weeks left), soccer, and other things. It's all the good, fulfilling things in this mom's life, but now that some things are winding down it's time for me to try to do the same. Daily life isn't going to get any simpler, but at 33+ weeks pregnant I need to be realistic about what can be done, and take a little time to put my feet up.

I am wearing... comfortable clothes. Still recovering from the skirt I wore yesterday, which was the opposite of comfortable.

I am thinking... that readying the house for the Communion party was exactly what we needed right now. We purged and organized, rearranged and decluttered. It's far from perfect, but so much better than it was. We just needed the motivation to get it done, and apparently 20+ guests is pretty good motivation.

I am looking forward to... this baby. A good friend just delivered her little girl on Tuesday, and I'm starting to realize how close I am to that point. I just can't wait to hold him in my arms.

I am thankful for... good friends. I've got the best one ever. When I told her the theme was Mexican food for the party she offered to make the meat for the tacos. She brought it over ahead of time in a crock pot (it was delicious, by the way), came to Mass with her boys, helped me prep the food when we got back to the house, and then stayed later than anyone and washed my dishes so I wouldn't have to. It doesn't get much better than that.

I am praying... for someone close to me who is removed from the Faith. I pray for grace and wisdom for myself, to understand my place in her life and find a balance between compassion and diligence.

I am creating... plans for next year. Another school year with a new baby in the house. I'm planning to combine studies for some of the children, more so than ever, especially in Science and History. It's going to take careful planning.

I am going... to enjoy watching 24 with Mr. Smith tonight. I feel like I can relax for the first time in a while. The season is winding down (the whole series really, since this is the last season) and it should be an enjoyable episode tonight.

One of my favorite things... a baby's first words. Even if they're more toddler than baby at the time. He's still not talking regularly, but Isaac has picked up a few words that he'll say with prompting. Mama is still the favorite. Especially when he looks right at me with those big blue eyes and says it. He also says Dada, uh-oh, ow, and oof. I count oof as a word, #1 because five words is better than four, and #2 because he says it so purposefully, deliberately, and appropriately, every time. It means "I just stepped down from that chair and hit the ground a little harder than I expected" or "That hotwheels car just jumped off of a table and this is the sound it made when it hit the floor", and also, my favorite, "I'm bumping into one of my brothers on purpose, repeatedly, and this is the sound of the physical toll it's taking on my body". So as you can see, it's a big part of our budding vocabulary, and a perfectly legitimate word.

Around the house... I'm feeling pretty good about it for the first time in quite awhile. Many of the bigger projects have been done. Now it's time to implement a good maintenance routine and stick to it.

From the kitchen... leftovers! I love that Owen wanted Mexican food for his Communion party, as it made for good leftovers that no one will complain about.

From the school room... we're back into a pretty decent routine. This time of year can be hard, especially when I'm already planning for next year. The grass is always greener on the other side of summer, but we're putting our noses to the grindstone to finish up this year's work.

A few plans for the rest of the week...
-two soccer practices and a game
-Owen's first baseball practice
-piano lessons
-homeschool gym
-an OB appointment for me and Baby
-week three of The Good Shepherd's Garden Party (and then week four, I'm hoping)

A picture thought to share... or several. I am so proud of Owen and his faith and excitement over receiving the Holy Eucharist. He was very grateful for his party, received lots of nice gifts, and is already talking about the next time he gets to receive at Mass. It was a beautiful day.

our prayer table, specially geared toward Owen on his special day. the empty corner on the right held his basket of jellybean-filled favors for his guests. we moved it after the third time Isaac pulled it down and stuffed his mouth full of candy.
Owen and Father Joe, our beloved priest, after Mass

a less-than-perfect family photo
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