Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Daybook: April 6, 2010

Outside my window... it's a bit gloomy today, but in a spring break kind of way. The windows are open and it smells like rain. We had errands and appointments this morning, and the cool wetness outside makes me feel alright about the boys watching a movie and relaxing right now.

I am listening to... said movie. It's actually pretty cute, if you can get past the chipmunk voices.

I am wearing... my favorite maternity jeans and a black v-neck short sleeved top. I used to be able to wear this shirt in my ninth month, but it's fitting pretty snugly right now. And only 9 weeks to go :o).

I am thinking... that I could use a nap.

I am looking forward to... spring sports. The boys are all getting so excited. Peyton has his first soccer practice tonight. Owen has been practicing his baseball in the yard with Mr. Smith, we're still waiting to hear from his coach. We're contemplating a hockey class that we just heard about. Then there's kickball in the park on Saturdays with our homeschool group.

I am thankful... for passing milestones. The appointment we had this morning was not a pleasant one, but it's over, we survived, and I'm so relieved. Moving on.

I am praying... the Divine Mercy Novena. Have I ever mentioned how much I love our Faith?

I am creating... that knitted yellow baby blanket, still. I've been pulling it out every night and have actually made some progress on it. It helps to picture our new little bundle wrapped up in it, there's no motivation quite like that :o).

I am going... to finish up my guest list and register for our baby shower THIS WEEK. It's less than 6 weeks away already. Did I mention that my BIL and SIL are throwing us a shower? So excited about that.

One of my favorite things... being pregnant. Good thing, huh?

Around the house... things are starting to look better. The nesting tendency helps. Mr. Smith brought down the boys' summer clothes, now I just need to get them sorted and into drawers.

From the kitchen... needing some inspiration in this department. Time to get out the recipe box and play around with the menu.

From the school room... we'll start the plans for The Good Shepherd's Garden Parties that these awesome ladies came up with. I love the food ideas, and celebrating once a week is simply genius, as anything that has to be everyday never goes quite as planned over here.

A few plans for the rest of the week...
-piano lessons

-visit from Grandma
-register for the shower

-get back into a school routine (Thursday?)

-first week of The Good Shepherd's Garden Party

-go see Mr. Smith play hockey

-confession on Saturday

-complete Divine Mercy Novena

A picture thought to share...

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