Thursday, January 28, 2010

You might be the mom of many small children if... find yourself being excited that you get to go to the grocery store by yourself.

That was me today. I told Mr. Smith last night that I absolutely had to go today, and he said, "Don't take all the kids, just wait for me to get home and you can go by yourself." Isn't he dreamy?
So when he got home I put on my best pair of maternity jeans, pulled my hair back extra special-like and walked out the door with my list.
When I turned the key in my van...
it made a really yucky noise.
I called Mr. Smith from the driveway. He barely glanced at the van and said, "Your battery's dead." He was a mechanic for about 3 days a lifetime ago, you know. So just like that he diagnosed the problem. Again, dreamy. I know.
He's out there right now replacing it for me.

Did I mention I was counting on bringing dinner home from the store? We have nothing in the house. The kids are passing the time with graham crackers at this very moment.

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