Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I've caught a theme lately, within the blogs that I read regularly, of these good women choosing a word for 2010. A single word, a theme for the year, or motto, if you will. It didn't occur to me to choose my own, until today.
This is the scene in my living room right now: The boys asked if they could have some ice cream while they watch a cartoon. They scooped their own ice cream, and set up their "theater". They didn't ask if a friend could come over and join them. They didn't complain about store brand ice cream. They couldn't be happier, and they haven't even left our little home.
When I went to upload that photo, I found this one on the camera:
I have no idea who took it and when. Clearly, they are watching tv again. (What can I say? We have a tv and we use it. It's winter.) What caught my attention is Isaac, the baby. He doesn't sit still for more than 30 seconds at any given time in the day. Yet in these two pictures, he's lounging comfortably and contentedly. Notice that I'm nowhere in sight? It's his brothers that he chooses to chill out with. And it doesn't look to me like Peyton minds.

Then there's this one:
This is a daily occurrence. Isaac thinks that Blake is the third parent in this house. If he gets hurt, and Blake is closer than I am, he doesn't hesitate to run to him instead of me. He also firmly believes that Blake's lap belongs to him and him alone, and is available whenever he needs it. Does it look like his big brother is just itching to get rid of him? Nope. He eats it up.
These boys are happy. They don't need STUFF. I don't need STUFF. We have eachother, a roof over our heads, food to eat, and our faith to turn to.
What more could I possibly ask for?
I don't need to be over-scheduled 7 days a week to make sure we're all enjoying life.
My kids might think they want a Nintendo DS, but they don't need one. They'll survive without it. They're going to receive the most precious, and yet most simple gift of all this summer. Another brother.
So that's what I'm going to concentrate on in 2010.
Weed out the STUFF.
Simple pleasures.

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