Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hard (drive) Times

Hello?! ...Hello  ...Hello  ...hello  ...hello.

Is there an echo in here?  In this empty space?

So... even though it's summer and I have some extra time (well now, that seems like an exaggeration.  I guess I have just the right amount of time, instead of the 6 hour deficit that I have everyday during the school year.), I'm still not blogging.

You know how you occasionally hear about someone's hard drive on their computer going bad?  And maybe they'll say something like, "My computer is fried.  Out of nowhere.  We didn't have anything backed up.  We lost everything."  And you think, "Wow.  That would be devastating.  Thank God that's not me."  And then in your head you come up with 10 reasons why it couldn't be you, won't be you?  At least that's what I've done.


Our computer was fried.  Happened out of nowhere, just started making an awful whirring kind of noise when I tried to start it up, and then, nothing.  We didn't have anything backed up.  We lost everything.

So.  It's been interesting.  Slightly devastating.  And interesting.  Suffice it to say, we're starting over with a shiny new desktop and big plans for how we're going to back everything up :o).

So maybe I'll be checking in here more!  Or maybe I'll be sipping sweet tea while the boys run through the sprinkler for the thousandth time.  Either way - Happy Summer!


  1. Thanks for figuring out the 6 hour deficit thing. I've been pondering how there seems to be exactly enough time during the summer.

    So sorry about your hard drive!

  2. That is a scientific calculation, Dawne. Homeschooling moms of many need 30 hours in a day to get it all done!