Monday, November 8, 2010

A Glimpse

Dear Mr. Smith,

Earlier today:

Me: Owen, go ahead and do your timed worksheet. You have five minutes to complete these problems. I'll start the timer, and we'll go over the lesson when you're finished. Ready? Go!

5:00, 4:59, 4:58....

Me: (sitting quietly, in my head) What should we have for dinner tonight? Tacos? We have lots of ground beef from when we bought into that cow...are we eating too much beef? I could use turkey...were my tacos good the last time? Can't remember if I used a recipe or just threw stuff together...I need to gather some new recipes, getting a bit bored with the same old.... and we might actually have a decent meal here and there now that the baby will sit in his high chair and let me cook once in a while, he's getting so big...should we put the crib up, or will his bassinet suffice a little longer? It's nice to keep the smaller of the two, it hardly takes up any room, although we actually have space for a crib for once...maybe I'll move that pink chair out of our it too pink for the living room?...I wonder where we'll put the Christmas tree in this new house. It would look nice in front of the big window, but I think it's more practical in the corner opposite the piano...the piano really needs to be tuned, I'll have to look up that number and call the guy...I wonder if painting it is a no-no. I'd really like to paint it -- green, is that too much? Although, if I'm going to paint anything, those shelves need to be painted and put up in the boys room, finally...we really have to get them to keep up on their room, it's a mess! I should get into the habit of sending them in there before dinner every night for a quick tidy, then it wouldn't get so bad....dinner! Tacos?...

3:21, 3:20, 3:19...

Welcome to my world, Honey.
It's like this all the time in here,
Mrs. Smith

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