Monday, March 22, 2010

Daybook: March 23rd, 2010

Outside my window... after last night's cold rain, it promises to be warm and sunny today. I can just see the sun trying to peek through the clouds.

I am listening to... children talking about spring. We've got the fever over here.

I am wearing... black yoga pants, berry-colored maternity top. Mr. Smith got me a gift card for Christmas and I walked out of the store with this top in four different colors. It's comfy and perfect for everyday, I just rotate my way through the colors. Does that make me really practical, or lame and boring?

I am thinking... that the snowflake cut-outs on the windows in front of me need to go. Maybe we'll do some butterflies today.

I am looking forward to... warm days. We have an enclosed porch on this tiny house, and being able to leave the front door open feels like it doubles our living space. The boys go out there to build legos or play board games or marbles. It's been too cold, but the day is coming soon, very soon.

I am thankful... for healthy pregnancies. It's hard enough without complications. I've been feeling so good lately I can't help but be thankful that I've been blessed with fertility and health.

I am praying... for so many, but right now, for us. That God's will is clear, that He leads us where He wants us to be. For secure and fulfilling employment for Mr. Smith.

I am creating... a baby blanket. It's a simple, knitted, yellow blanket, and I'm about halfway through. Oh, and I started it when I was pregnant with James :o). Hoping to finish it before this little guy comes.

I am going... to a store. Sigh. The sleeves on Blake's spring jacket hit his arms somewhere between the elbows and the wrists. He's also outgrown all of his underwear and socks. Mr. Smith and I are noticing that suddenly there seems to be another adult in the house, in lots of ways. Sigh.

One of my favorite things... organic coffee.

Around the house... we've been here almost six months. It's time to finish up a few things. I spent Saturday sewing curtains for the porch. I need to turn the white cloth that's draped on the window above my kitchen sink into a proper curtain. And there's really no excuse for the three boxes of books and odds and ends still sitting here.

From the kitchen... still preparing every. single. thing. that this family of seven puts into their mouths. Giving up fast food and carry-out of any kind for Lent has proven more difficult than I had anticipated. 12 days to go. (note to Mr. Smith- No need to comment on the fact that I do not actually make your lunch for you. And yes, you made dinner for me on Saturday, thank you.)

From the school room... oh boy, the school room. Yikes. After a few crazy weeks of lots of appointments, group activities, out of state traveling, feast days, and more, we're really playing catch up. We need a total overhaul of the books and learning supplies, and a fresh outlook for our last two months of schooling.

A few plans for the rest of the week...
-homeschool gym
-piano lessons
-school room makeover
-first walk to the park for the season
-trip to Target
-well visit check-ups for two boys
-homeschool group moms' meeting

A picture thought to share...
I got nothin'. Maybe I'll get Blake to pull the vacation photos off of his camera.
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