Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's past my bedtime, but I'm still up, because...

...I have a lot to do before tomorrow. I've got energy left to do it though, because... sweet husband came home from a 12 hour work day and let me walk right past him, out the door to dinner with a dear friend. Our visit left me bubbling with energy, because...

...there's nothing like a good long conversation with someone you've been missing, who understands you better than most anyone. I needed it, because... is hectic and burn-out is in my midst. But I'm going to beat it before it beats me, because... life rocks and I know it. For instance, I just got done baking pastries for a Christmas party tomorrow, and I can type this post guilt free, without waking up to a mess in the kitchen, because... this very moment a machine is washing all my dirty dishes for me! Thank you Mr. Smith, for an awesome early Christmas present, my very first dishwasher ever. Signing off...because...'s past my bedtime!!!

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