Thursday, November 26, 2009

In Thanksgiving

For the joy.
The laughter.
The difficulties,
that bring perspective.

The open wounds on my heart,
forever gaping, vulnerable,
as with no other earthly phenomenon.
Seven of them,
forever imprinted on my soul.

For the gratitude,
that would otherwise go unknown,
and instead envelopes my being.

For the humility,
at knowing Who gives.
Not a loss of control,
but a giving away of it.
A release of power, to the One with answers.
A relief,
to my small being, without them.
As I know,
it is His will.

For yesterday,
right now,
and the hope of forever.
And the chance to help forever come,
to those who look to me.
That I might lead them,
and then push them ahead,
far beyond my own faith,
and then follow them.

For ever,
for life.
For motherhood.

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