Sunday, January 19, 2014


Thank you all so much for the prayers.

The testing went well on Friday.  Sebastian handled everything like a little hero, he was so good.  The nurses were kind, and the pediatric unit sure knows how to relate to little ones.  He was nervous, and they made him as comfortable as possible.  The teddy bear they gave him offered so much comfort, and he's been carrying it around with him all weekend.

The doctor's tentative diagnosis is Ulcerative Colitis.  This is a chronic condition, and will be a heavy cross for Sebastian to bear, but the doctor is certain there is no cancer or any of the other frightening possibilities we were looking at.  We won't know for sure until mid-week, when the results of the biopsies come back, but this condition does fit every aspect of what he's been experiencing.

Please continue to keep him in your prayers.  I appreciate it beyond what I can express here.

And because I don't want to forget:  When I explained to the other kids what Sebastian was going to have to do to get ready for the tests, and how long he would have to go without eating, Peyton looked very thoughtful and concerned.  A few minutes later, he finally said that he was going to try not to eat for as long as Sebastian had to.  He said he wanted to go through it with him.

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  1. Melanie,
    You and your sweet little trooper will remain in my heart and prayers.
    And it seems as if he will have a lot of help carrying this cross.
    Hugs, my friend.