Friday, June 1, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday


Two things happened here at relatively the same time:  The weather got warm, and Sebastian started wanting milk in his sippy cup.  These two things wouldn't be related, if almost-two-year-olds were capable of reasoning and would take care of their sippy cups and place them in the sink when finished.  Not the case though.  They wind up under toddler beds, behind my desk, under the couch in the basement, and just generally spread all over the place.  It never seems to be less than 12 hours before I find it, and by then it's all over.  One of them was so far gone that when I opened it to wash it, I put the lid right back on and it went straight to the trash.  Could. Not. Bear. To. Smell. It.
Yet still, I fill it up and watch him toddle away with it tucked under his arm...


I had kind of a bad day today.  When I'm this pregnant, my motto becomes:
When all else fails, take a nap.
So I did.


Have y'all read these books?  The Mr. and I are reading our way through them now.  He's finished the first and on to the second, I'm just a quarter or so of the way through Pierced by a Sword.  So far, we're both loving them.  I'll wait until we're finished to write a full recommendation, although I doubt we'll be disappointed.


If you're in the mood for a miracle (and if you're not, what the heck is wrong with you?!), click on over to this blog for a few minutes.  I've been following the events that have transpired over the last two weeks, since their baby boy had a terrible accident.  Truly uplifting:  Both the strength of their faith, and the story of his amazing recovery.


So I mentioned last week that we were looking into an addition on our home, and I think I indicated that it could be a possibility in the near future.  Well it's not, and that's totally okay.  It's one of those things that would have been really exciting if it had worked out, but once it was clear that it wasn't going to, we were both a little relieved.  Good, responsible, grown-up decisions are our goal these days, and this was one of them :).  Even though doubling the size of our house as we welcome this new little one would have been awesome!  All in due time.  We'll get there, and we'll do it the right way.  Eventually.


Another quick plug for something I'm excited about right now, but will eventually get into more detail on:  The Institute for Excellence in Writing PAL Program.  I'm doing this with Oliver right now, and we both love, love, love it.  (Okay, that might be more me.  He likes it and sits through it, which is saying a lot!)  We've only been working on it for a couple of weeks, and we're kind of moving like molasses through the lessons, but I love what I see.  I'm planning on purchasing more IEW products for the older kids at our local Homeschool Conference this month.  I can't wait to dig into those materials too.


My absolute favorite picture of the week, and I didn't even take it.  I'm so glad that Mr. Smith grabs the camera when I'm lazy and/or distracted.

That's an upside down/backwards batting helmet that he found and put on himself.  He was ready to go (and quite proud of himself.)

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