Monday, April 16, 2012

Post-Vacation Check-In

Well, we're home.

I know I never mentioned that we were leaving, but we did, and now we're back.

There was so much I wanted to post and share during Holy Week, but I was consumed with planning for our vacation, and somehow announcing that our house would be empty for a week didn't seem like the responsible thing to do, so I said nothing.

We left on the morning of Holy Saturday, for my sister's house across the state.  Her husband would be joining the Church at the Vigil and we wanted to be there for it.  We had prayed for so long!!  It was beautiful, and spending time with their family on Easter weekend was an added bonus.  Especially this little guy:
You understand, I'm sure.

Then it was off to the mountains to visit Mr. Smith's side of the family.  Separate vacation post necessary, but here's an idea of our views for the week:
It was a fun and much needed break, but it's good to be home.

Of course now there's the business of re-acclimating ourselves to reality.  Not easy, after 10 days with our beloved Mr. Smith around 24/7.  Ten days of treats and spoiling and fun, chore-free and exciting.

We'll adjust.  I decided today would be a buffer day, no jumping back into school just yet.  We spent the morning on the task of haircuts, all six of the boys.  Now I'm writing a meal plan for the week, so we can get some groceries this afternoon after dropping Bosco off at the groomers.  Somehow doing these regular tasks is making me feel more normal by the minute.  I just may be able to take on this crazy life once again afterall :).

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