Saturday, March 24, 2012


We had dinner at my mom and dad's house last night, to celebrate my dad's birthday.
All of my siblings, their spouses, and their children were able to be there, a rare treat.
My mom must have been feeling sentimental, what with the entire lower half of her family tree in one place.
Pretty soon there was an old home movie on the t.v.
I looked up and saw myself, a skinny fourteen-year-old with braces.
All dressed up for homecoming court, a shy, awkward boy by my side.
Floods of forgotten memories invaded my mind, things I never think about anymore.
We all laughed, and then moved on with our evening.
It grew late, and one family left to find their tired baby's bed, then another.
We said our more difficult goodbyes, to the sister who's my neighbor at heart, but hours away in reality.
Home we went, brush teeth, babies to bed, chat, pray, sleep.
I woke up at a still dark and quiet hour this morning, last night's sights and sounds still playing through my mind.
I thought of that video, those young, unfinished faces, that boy.
I opened my eyes, and there he was next to me.
No longer shy and awkward, but the man who unflinchingly takes care of me everyday.
The years have been good to us.
I don't long for those days, the way some regret the passing of time and loss of carefree life.
Not a bit.
I thank God for shaping us into the people we've become.
For taking two lost kids and, against all odds, leading them down a beautiful path to eternity, together.

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