Monday, August 16, 2010

August 16, 2009

A Year Ago Today... We went to a baseball game. We stayed a night with my sister and brother-in-law, and saw a minor league game for their town's team. That's not their town anymore. They've moved even further away, across the state. We're planning another game with them now, in another town, a whole new adventure.
A Year Ago Today... We lived in our "old-old house". In less than a year's time we've moved twice. The first move was not so pleasant, the second was a dream come true. It's been interesting hearing the kids distinguish between the houses... which old house? :o)
A Year Ago Today... The outfits in these photos fit the children wearing them. They now fit their next younger siblings. How time does fly.

A Year Ago Today... The baby who is sound asleep next to me was not even a whisper in my ear. He wouldn't be conceived until the following month, his presence unknown to us on earth until the night of our first move (to our old house ;o)). And now here he is, a whole little person, a part of our life. I couldn't have known what the coming year would bring. I probably wouldn't have believed it if I did.

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