Friday, May 17, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

It's finally springtime around here, after a long Michigan winter.  We're getting reacquainted with our yard, soaking up every minute of sunshiny goodness.  It's times like these that remind me of just how much B-O-Y we have going on.  I thought I'd dedicate my Quick Takes to them this week.


There's an oh so tempting water spigot on the back of the house, just steps away from the main play area.  It's off limits, but no one under the age of 10 seems to understand that.  They like to have "just a little", to make soup, or a river in the sandbox, etc.  After many, many warnings and last times and do-you-know-what's-going-to-happen-if-you-do-that-agains (nothing!  because frankly, you're outside!  and that's not inside!  and I really like that!), they finally started to leave it alone.  Then a few days ago Peyton came running into the house with a horrified/amused expression and told me:
"Sebastian just peed in a bucket and he's using it to make soup in the sandbox."
They will find a way, these boys, they will find a way.


I hate when the thing I am obviously supposed to correct is actually totally hilarious.  It makes it hard to find my stern face.


Every time Isaac puts on his bathing suit, he comes to whisper in my ear, "I took my undies off."  
Still getting used to these bizarre summer rituals, I guess.


 What happens when I ask the oldest brother to watch the baby in her sink-bath for a minute?


Blake asked me midday yesterday if I had an old pot or bucket I wasn't using.  I directed him to one, and for the rest of the afternoon there were various indications of construction going on.  He has limited access to some power tools, and he was apparently pulling out all the stops.  By evening we had this:
It's a battle practice dummy.  It's weighted on the bottom with pebbles, and they can pretty much beat the heck out of it without much consequence.  So far, only one semi-smashed finger to report.


Peyton and Oliver are the best of friends.  Because of this, I'm always surprised at how very different they are from each other.  Peyton is thoughtful and sensitive (I walked away from this and made the mistake of leaving it up.  I just heard, "I am NOT thoughtful and sensitive!!"  Oops.), he loves to sleep in and is a natural animal lover.  Oliver is wild and happy, up early every day, and a diligent worker.  (I must make a side note here, that I mostly despise the practice of putting children into "boxes".  I almost never give descriptions of them like this, as they are constantly growing and changing and figuring out who they're going to be.  I especially don't like it when they are told these types of things, as I think they take it too much to heart, and sometimes even feel like they need to live up to it.  These are very loose generalizations, for the sake of the story at hand.)  One day last week, I asked the two of them to help me weed the front flower bed.  I said they could either work on the dandelions along the walkway, or pick up my piles of pulled weeds and put them into the yard waste bag.  I started pulling and Oliver was right behind me, cleaning up my mess.  After a few minutes, I looked at Peyton.  He was kneeling in front of a dandelion, studying it.  I asked him what he was doing and he said he was having a hard time getting the dandelions out.  I suggested he go back to the shed to find another tool to work with, and off he went to the back yard.  He never returned.
About 20 minutes later, Oliver and I had finished up and we went inside the house.  There was Peyton.  "What happened to you, Pey?"  "Oh, I got distracted by a butterfly.  I was following it around the yard.  I almost caught it a few times!"  I know eventually he'll have to learn to work hard and stay on task, but for now I'm pretty happy letting him chase his butterflies.


Sebastian has discovered that worms live under things.  Now every stone, brick, or log is a potential worm hunt, and he can't bring himself to pass one without turning it over to check.  He and Isaac disappeared from my view at the kitchen window, so I went out to investigate.  I found them behind the shed (The Ugly part of the yard.  Does everyone have one of these?).
  "We are looking for worms (womes!), Mom-mom!  Do you want one?!" 
"No thank you, I don't really like worms."
Thoughtfully, " you like roly polies?"

Not so much, sweet thing, but I do love little boys.

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