Friday, January 11, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday


Pray for Jen?  I am.


Genevieve is cutting two bottom teeth.  WHO TOLD HER SHE COULD DO THAT?
This is very early (she's 5 months old) by our family's standard.  I guess at some point I'll stop being surprised by all the ways she's different from the boys.


We had a cold go through the younger kids in early December.  By Christmas, everyone was better.  For the two weeks of Christmas and New Year's, we barely left the house.  It was cold and snowy, and I love being home, so that was just fine with me.  There wasn't a runny nose or ill-fated tummy ache in sight, and in the back of my mind I knew it was because we were in our bubble.  I was ready to rejoin the living world though, once our activities and obligations started back up again.  Wouldn't you know it, within a couple of days we had pukers.  Lots of them.  It's a slow-mover this thing.  And you'll think you're better and then WHAM, you're back to puker status.  Makes me wonder if leaving the house in January is worth it at all.  I'm leaning toward no.


I've been reading a lot lately.  More than I ever have in my adult life until now (which, frankly, was pathetically little).  I realized recently that I'm losing track of what I've finished, and when I try to recall, or give a recommendation, I can't think much beyond what I'm reading now (Pride and Prejudice).  I think I'll try to put a list or something on my sidebar here.
Hold me to that, K?


So I didn't post a single thing about Christmas.  I guess that's because I was just too darn busy living it.  Most of the time I felt a little like this:
 We had lots of great stuff going on though, and a baby girl who's at the age where she's in my arms all. the. time.  It's a good thing, but I'd still like to get back on here at some point and record some things for tradition's sake.  Maybe by Easter?


The Mr. and I got smart phones.  All I can say is, how very easy it is to find a reason to use it for every simple thing in life.


Before we had Genevieve, everyone wondered how all these boys would handle a baby sister.  I think there was some question as to whether a sister could be treated properly.  Let me just tell you, they think she's amazing in every way.
It would be impossible to sum it up here, but let me try to capture it in one little anecdote:
I was washing dishes when several little boy voices erupted in excitement, and a couple of them came to summon me to the site of their joy.  I questioned the necessity for me to join them - Couldn't they just tell me what was happening?  (too many times I've rushed away to find their sense of urgency was a bit inflated.)  The biggest boy came and asked then, if they could just use my camera to get a picture.  Sure, please do that and I'll look at it when I'm finished. 
This is what I found:
"Mom, she was holding the blinds.  All by herself!  Owen was just standing by them, and she reached out and grabbed them!"
Clearly, this is either a gifted child, or a child who sits on a very high pedestal.

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  1. Enjoyed your quick glimpses into your world. I love Pride and Prejudice! What a great picture the kids took! Lots of talent in your family!

  2. Thanks, Monica! I'm really enjoying Pride and Prejudice. It's my first time reading it!