Monday, October 1, 2012


Since having Genevieve, I've been a little frustrated with my camera.  We bought a Nikon D5100 back in February, with hopes that I'd have the hang of using it by the time the new baby came in August.  I worked at it at first, then fell away from it a little, and then I let Blake take over picture duties for a while.  The kid reads manuals for fun, and practically memorizes them, so I didn't think it would hurt to have him get to know the camera anyway.  He was the first to figure out how to take video on it, and he learned some great tricks with all the settings it has.  Still, I really wanted to get back to taking pictures, because I enjoy it.  Lately though, I've noticed that all my pictures were coming out with a blue hue to them.  Only when shooting in Manual of course, when in Auto the pictures were fine.  I'm sure in the back of my mind I knew that the answer was only a google search away, I just didn't have the energy to address it in my postpartum-ness.  I finally took a minute last week, and sure enough, a simple issue with the white balance.  I'm pretty sure Blake had changed it at some point, realizing it or not.  I changed the setting and voila, beautiful pictures once again.  Of course, it helps to have beautiful subjects:


I still have so much to learn about photography.  I know nothing at all about editing.  And I really need to figure out a good system for storing and printing.  But I'm back on my feet with it now, and I really love this camera.


  1. So fun and so precious! You are such a good photographer!

  2. All great shots Melanie. You have great material to work with!